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Gerber 22-41770 Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool Reviews

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Gerber 22-41770 Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool Reviews (10 total)

Justin Watts ·
This is a great little pocket tool but far too large to put on a key chain. I really like that the blade locks open and can be inserted such that the cutting edge can face in either direction.
Tractor Ninja ·
My buddy turned me onto this tool. Now if it's not in my pocket I feel naked. Have backups everywhere in-case I lose one.
Commander BMATT Czech Rep ·
More of a multi-tool really. Includes a small surgical blade, crosshead screwdriver, two flathead screwdrivers, a pry bar and a bottle opener (of course).
Chris K. ·
on Tasmanian Tiger belt strap
Nate X ·
A little heavy and bulky, but way more functional than the Gerber Shard which I have also carried
This super functional keychain tool has been a huge upgrade to the keychain set up. And it has a great little x-acto blade feature because who has too many knives? No one!
Nite Wolf ·
Genius design. other side has folding replaceable razor. Great build quality. Can pry with the best of them.
Robert ·
The one thing I read about this when I got it was some people got stabbed in the leg when the knife opened in their pocket accidentally. It worried me with little kids around and the blade really didn't feel all that secure so I threw an O-Ring around it to hold the blade down and just slide it to the back when I need it. Makes it much more useful than the Shard but still gives me peace of mind at least.
Rich ·
I heard that too with the blade opening. I keep mine in a small pouch in my EDC bag with a 5 pack of blade. But definitely comes in handy when I need to pry or a razor sharp deatil blade. I got an amazing deal on mine. Like $5 plus tax.
Tractor Ninja ·
First tool in my pocket every morning! If I could only carry one thing, this would be it!