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Fudloe Z ·
If you don't have a Zippo, you are simply not prepared for life.
I dont smoke anymore but i still love carrying a zippo the down side is fuel evaporation which i find can be almost eliminated by a ranger band over the lighter
Thanks for the tip.
Richard Statnick ·
My zippo comes from the first ship I was on during Vietnam in 1964 it's worked from day one right up to today 2017.
zippo torch insert for lighter, single torch flame.
Edie White ·
Red with Year of the Monkey
Dennis M ·
Basic chrome Zippo
Paul Pearson ·
old school
Mathieu Gillet ·
Produce fire on demand.
Amewa L'awo ·
The best fire makeing tool around. Good for striking up the Bar b, or lighting a stoggie.
coldcold ·
Rhoarin ·
A must have.
mike ·
Sterling Silver ZIPPO Lighter
Drew Ward ·
Classic Zippo
Niko Huupponen ·
I haven’t smoked tobacco in many years but there is always use for a lighter
Caliche ·
Butane Single flame insert from Zippo.
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