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Fudloe Z ·
If you don't have a Zippo, you are simply not prepared for life.
I dont smoke anymore but i still love carrying a zippo the down side is fuel evaporation which i find can be almost eliminated by a ranger band over the lighter
Thanks for the tip.
Richard Statnick ·
My zippo comes from the first ship I was on during Vietnam in 1964 it's worked from day one right up to today 2017.
zippo torch insert for lighter, single torch flame.
Edie White ·
Red with Year of the Monkey
Dennis M ·
Basic chrome Zippo
Paul Pearson ·
old school
Mathieu Gillet ·
Produce fire on demand.
Amewa L'awo ·
The best fire makeing tool around. Good for striking up the Bar b, or lighting a stoggie.
coldcold ·
Rhoarin ·
A must have.
Guy Incognito ·
This is a Zippo tape measure engraved as an employee gift with the logo of North American Aviation on one side and the recipient's name engraved on the other. This belonged to my late father in law.
Vancouver Canucks zippo. I have the rechargeable insert.
Nugroho Bachri ·
Famous by it's windproof.
Celan O’Dell ·
I have always loved the simple functionality of a Zippo, and with Everday Carry LLC help. I can add another Zippo to my collection. This picture features the Zippo Dark Ace.
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