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Jan Morávek ·
Whit butane inrest
zippo torch insert for lighter, single torch flame.
Jeff Zie ·
I haven't smoked in over a decade, but having a flame to hand is useful.
Skull nickel by hobo Shane and Steve West
Calhoun ·
Classy. Classic.
Brigrat ·
USMC Edition Zippo Chrome Lighter
Timothy Schmoll ·
First strike always works with more than 10 years of abuse.
Romans Jermalonoks ·
12B zippo
Edie White ·
Red with Year of the Monkey
Brian DiMaio ·
Zippo lighter upgraded with Sparkr arc insert by Power Practical
Jon M ·
Ah, Zippo. A timeless classic with tried-n’-true functionality, and a plethora of design patterns to choose from... so you can truly make it reflect your EDC style.

The only gripe that most have is how fast the fuel evaporates. Still, a simple search for “Zippo butane insert” on Amazon or Ebay will point you in the direction of a great alternative that turns your Zippo into a torch lighter that lasts far longer.

I don’t even smoke, and I own one just because it’s useful and friends always ask to borrow it. Buy it!
Josh ·
I have a decent Zippo collection and some of my favorites are from the "Armor" line which have a thicker case. Mix that with another one of my all time favorite things (America) and it's a win in my book!
Conner Mahan ·
Zippo deep carve chameleon $35
Aquiles Mauriz ·
Necessário e obrigatório
Ash Emmanuel Pahliney ·
With a butane gas insert
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