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Dan Neumann ·
Irish Pride
Alexis ·
Lucky Horseshoe Zippo
Stan Merkin ·
This thing could survive a nuclear blast. THE best!
Jamie Nance ·
Standard Walmart Special
big Easy ·
German Roberto Gonzalez ·
engraved birthday present
james buckley ·
Whether you smoke or not always carry a lighter
Marco Zuflucht ·
Mate-black with nice print.
Jeffery Daniel ·
Grandfathers old Zippo
Gary ·
"The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go"
Strong enough flame to be useful, satisfying action. Classic.
Clyde Hays ·
Zippo with the American Flag and a Thors Hammer
Blake Bullen ·
Classic zippo, always carry a means of fire on you
Rhoarin ·
A must have.
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