Anson Calder 1/8" Wallet

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At 1/8" thick, there are 3 pockets that can fit 1-9 cards. One of the greatest differentiators of this wallet is the ability to push your cards from the bottom. This allows you to fan them out and quickly access the cards you need. There's also a middle pocket with extended edges and an optional cash slot in the back. The patina is amazing and with a lifetime guarantee, I highly recommend this wallet to anyone. There's a Kickstarter going on right now where you can get one lower than retail.
As a woman, I'm all about minimalist every day and travel. This has been the perfect wallet for me.
The openings on each side are the best part of the wallet. I can easily get any card out without removing others. The leather is so smooth, and after a couple months of use actually looks better and better. I got the one with the cash slot and like having that easy access.
I own two of these, one for me and one for my husband. As a woman, I love it's efficient, thin style too!
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