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After trying the Trayvax models, I keep coming back to the Ridge. Speak, simple, clean, straight to the point.
This just goes to show the diversity among folks and the reason there are so many wallet makers selling tons of wallets. I had the opposite reaction. I carried a Travax Summit for a long while and purchased the Ridge because it looks amazing. After a weeks carry, I went back to my Summit and sold the Ridge. I never became comfortable with the way cards are removed. I have read where other folks say the same about the Summit.
Very nice minimal wallet, rugged, great looking!!!
Great minimalist wallet.
Carbon Fiber card holder with money clip
Personally customized my badge to fit onto it.
The Ridge Wallet in "Aluminum (Raw)" color, with money clip
Lots of use had for a long time
Although they no longer make the plastic versions of their wallet, I still enjoy it.
Bought one new carbon fiber wallet. I really enjoy small wallets that fit in my front pocket and this one is perfect and has a functional multi tool.I would recommend this wallet to anyone looking for a compact wallet.
Absolutely the best wallet I've ever had.
Holds plenty of cards and cash
Keeps my cards together
Carried in right front pocket
With the elastic strap.
Picked this up last November, very happy with it. Although, wears a hole in your pocket if you're not careful.
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