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Just an iPhone 7...for almost everything ;-)
Cheap case from Walmart
My rose gold iPhone 7. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Love this phone it’s still a power house for me 2 years on. With a speck presido clear case it’s practically bomb proof!
Updated phone. Also have Finnish made 'Lastu'-case and pop-socket.
iPhone 7 with Otterbox Symmetry Series case, Fine Port color; provides protection without being too bulky.
Magpul Field Case with NiteIze Steelie Mount.
Apple iPhone 7 with a two-piece case. Black plastic shell over a grey silicone case by BodyGlove.
iPhone 7 with a two piece black/grey body glove silicone case, and plastic shell
iPhone 7 with black and grey body glove case
As a photographer I'm a big apple fan and live in the apple ecosystem. the iPhone 7 has been good. I'm not a fan of the camera on it but it works ok. I like the size of this iPhone. it fits well in the pocket, and its big enough for emails and social media.
My "work phone". Really just for work email and to connect with my Butterfly iQ probe (iPhone only at the moment). Black Camo skin courtesy of DBrand.
With generic stand case
Used to take the photo.
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