Kingston DTSE9

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about as simple a design as you can get.
I have the 64Gb model and love it. Fits the KeySmart and handles anything I'll ever need to transport.
small, and bombproof and lasted over a year so far. this is the only usb pen that I have owned for over a week without it coming off my keyring and vanishing or breaking
cool little drives.
I really liked the design of this flash drive until one day I discovered that the insides had dropped out of it, never did find them. After that fatal flaw I wouldn't get another or at least I would get some kind of snug fitting cap for it.
USB stock with Windows tools
Has taken a beating and still works flawlessly
Simple but really robust. Not the fastest data transfers but a better design than the newer model. Easy to carry with the Spyderco Bug as they are the same size and colour.
8 GB Version
Flash Drive Front Left Pocket
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