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about as simple a design as you can get.
I have the 64Gb model and love it. Fits the KeySmart and handles anything I'll ever need to transport.
small, and bombproof and lasted over a year so far. this is the only usb pen that I have owned for over a week without it coming off my keyring and vanishing or breaking
cool little drives.
I really liked the design of this flash drive until one day I discovered that the insides had dropped out of it, never did find them. After that fatal flaw I wouldn't get another or at least I would get some kind of snug fitting cap for it.
32gb flashdrive to have files OTG. Great for ministry work. Durable and reliable.
Looks sleek and keeps my data with me always when on the go
USB stock with Windows tools
Has taken a beating and still works flawlessly
Simple but really robust. Not the fastest data transfers but a better design than the newer model. Easy to carry with the Spyderco Bug as they are the same size and colour.
8 GB Version
Flash Drive Front Left Pocket
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