Samsung Galaxy S7

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Samsung Galaxy S7 with Evocel case
My personal phone.
Otter Commuter Case
Awesome phone...between the case and phone is a list of important phone numbers.
Left front pocket
With Spigen air cushion clear cover
Great phone.
right hand pocket
I love this phone! The OLED display with it's always on feature is fantastic.
in a UAG case
Aluminum case from china.

IPX3 Phone Case For Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5 S6 S7edge Note 4 5 Shockproof Waterproof Powerful Aluminum Gorilla Glass Metal Cover
(from AliExpress Android)
Galaxy s7 with a 200GB SD card in a Magpul Case
S7 with a spigen case and an iring kick stand
That is a Griffen Survivor Case
Know that I am not in school I didnt need a large phone or the stylus any longer, so I purchased a smaller phone. Good thing too because the new note models explode...
32 GB with 64 GB MicroSD
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