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Emanuel Melendez ·
The Leatherman squirter ps4 it's a very good small multitool it's a perfect size for edc it's not heavy or bulky on the pocket or on your key chain I have mine with a small s biner so when I need it I could clip it of my key chain very easy
Jack ·
great little tool
BigOrangePA ·
What to say about this little guy? It's a fantastic multitool and honestly, I think that everyone should have one. My only gripe is that it doesn't have tweezers included. BUT, the pliers are so precise that they can be used for most things tweezers would do if needed. Smaller than a SAK, but does more. What's not to love?
Great handy multi tool you'll see this in many EDC's very good for its price and the pliers are really good.
penguin_san ·
so cute. so useful.
Nugroho Bachri ·
Best complete keyholder multitools.
Occasional use
I do love the design and thought that’s gone into this little multitool. Very functional easy to use. This is my second squirt, I put the first one through the wringer near every day, It got battered but was still very functional. I work in a prosthetics lab and we are always fixing/adjusting kit and repairing other members of staff’s kit. Both off the oldest most experience technicians in the lab bought squirts after borrowing my one and use them at work and home and recommend them ( maintenance tools in our lab go walk about and we got fed up wasting time looking for them) to do quick kit repairs adjustments. Very cool bit of kit
Lucca LAbbate ·
Perfect for my everyday needs.
Timothy Schmoll ·
Perfect light duty tool
Nugroho Bachri ·
Oh, yeah..the micro size quite helpful for my urban daily tool.
Daniel Mendonca ·
Worth the price.
Romeu Filho ·
I’ve wrote my name on it’s scales
Cori G ·
I much prefer the Juice, but this still offers a lot.
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