Leatherman Carabiner

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Was given this by my wife to allow for free shipping. That being said, it actually sits flatter than other carabiners I’ve had.
This carabiner is awesome. Love the flat design. Far less bulkier than other carabiners out there.
What do i have to say other then; "it has a bottle opener.
looks great, i always open my beer with this carabiner
A perfectly designed carabina. Lots of uses for hanging keys and tools. Handy bit driver hole and for the end of the day it'll open your beer. Sits nice and flat good spring action and have never done wrong..
This is sufficient to hold my keys.
Easy on/off car/house/office keys with this clip which also attaches to my pants loops or office desk drawer handle.
With key holder, remove before flight tag and .308 Brass
Let's me clip my keys to my bag or anything else.
I believe in redundancy, so I always carry two bottle openers. One on my Skeletool, and one with my keys.
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