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Gary Gross ·
Custom motherboard scales
Rafael Moriel ·
My 1st Swiss Army knife, great pocket knife, the variety of useful blades, convenient, practical and was an affordable price point.
Gary Gross ·
Warthog Special Edition
TonySal ·
Most carried, on a P7 clip, dont need the saw. Need the magnifying glass!
Best pocket knife/tool on the planet. The perfect pocket knife.
Shawn ·
Victorinox Huntsman SAK black version.
Jorge Quintero ·
Victorianos Huntsman with Micarta scales
George ·
custom WWP from shotshow 2019
Andrew ·
A recent upgrade from an old Sportsman model which had been in the family for decades, it is a joy to have and use and stands as the centerpiece of my EDC. I usually carry it on my keychain.
Chris K. ·
I own one in wooden handles, one in camo, and last, but not least, the warhawk Version.
George ·
my go to little guy
Shawn ·
Victorinox huntsman with black scales and self weaved paracord snake knot diamond knot finished lanyard.
Shawn ·
Victorinox huntsman with self made paracord lanyard
Shawn ·
Victorinox huntsman black scales
Andre Almeida ·
I mostly use the scissors and the corkscrew.
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