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Apple iPhone SE Reviews (28 total)

Martim Weinstein ·
Best sized phone. Really hope they keep making and updating this size/ form factor. Went from a 6 to this and really don't look forward to going up in size again.
Eric Lee ·
Nice phone. Wish it had more space.
Matheus Pedro ·
Have been using it for 8 months. It gets the job done heheh
vvinston ·
Second Generation
Arton Gashi ·
An amazing smartphone for a great price .
danimals_dan ·
Case is from AliExpress
Justin Kim ·
Not my usual phone but I used my iPhone 8 to take this pic
Jason ·
Perfect size.
Chris Greenberg ·
Perfect form factor
CampDiplIng ·
in tech 21 Patriot shielding
Justin Shenton ·
not shown
Apple SE with Incipio Case
Tony D ·
fake ·
With live proof Fre protection
David Shook ·
I have thoroughly enjoyed mine. The camera is great.
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