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American Flag ·
Inconspicuous but with all the great features characterizing the Space Pen line. No clip, very low profile and perfect for casual EDC.
Demetrius Williams ·
Love this pen, can't go a day without it.
Pickles ·
This has to be the easiest pen to EDC.
Paul Pearson ·
I love this pen, use it every day! I'll definitely be buying more! Great present the ones you love.
EDCLogan ·
Easy to carry and has consistent performance. Stuck with it for about a year and I dont see my going to anything else.
Chris Stival ·
It works great, but I keep losing it. Thankfully, we have more of them at the office, as we have them for booth giveaways!
Chase Shy ·
Scott Wicksted ·
This is my second space pen. It writes well, fits in your hand nicely, looks great, fits in any pocket, is tough as nails,....the list goes on.
Rick Wright ·
I fine little pen for everyday use; but maybe a little to easy to lose due to black coloring.
Jeff ·
Small, handy and reliable.
Bigjoe ·
Excellent pen and design, perfect for pocket carry not to mention it writes in all weather.
Jonah ·
Res ·
Astonishingly good pen! Compact for and edc kit
Mexx ·
Love it for it size. Fits perfect in the pocket and writes everywhere. You know it.
Tony S ·
Nice, no probs
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