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Love this pen. It writes on everything. I misplace is a lot, but I always find it. It’s been through the washer and dryer more time than I can count and it just keeps writing.
tiny pen! Love it! Fits anywhere!
this pen really does write as soon as you put it to paper. i'm constantly signing things with it on the fly! i also have a click version of this pen
Not the best pen, but it's the perfect size to carry in my pocket.
the infamous space pen
So small and easy to carry
Just sits in my not-a-wallet and is secure.
Everyone know the FSP is the go to, no matter the color. This ones blue
I never need to ask someone for a pen again.
Fisher Space Pen with stylus tip.
And the obligatory Space Pen. It’s building up a patina but it’s very slow.
Write under any condition while being small and light
Fits perfectly in my leather holster, also best pen to use daily!
I bought this because I constantly found myself having to write stuff down, but would always forget a pen. It performs well in all weather conditions and even upside down.
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