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Fisher Space Pen Reviews

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Fisher Space Pen Reviews (122 total)

Dan Landin ·
The best pen I've ever owned. It writes smoothly, it's perfectly balanced, and it fits perfectly in my pocket.
Ivan ·
Same here....

Luc Harvey ·
What can be added. This is a great pen and it writes everywhere, anytime and in all positions.
Rey Leon ·
Has a very well-constructed feel. It's much heavier than a typical plastic pen, and also heavier than a couple of fountain pens I have, despite being smaller.
It's a very compact item and not ideal for writing page after page comfortably, at least not if you have an average male hand.
Because of the pressure-fed ink flow I was expecting plenty of ink on the page but that's not the case. It lays down enough ink to write clearly, but not more.
Overall I'd recommend this. The solid construction means I carry it clipped to the outside of my EDC pouch without fear of it being damaged.
Don Dewar ·
Awesome little pen which. Writes under any circumstance, very compact when closed meaning it always gets brought along.
Noah ·
I love this pen. It is small and easy to write with. Perfect for a pocket carry.
Stone Nickerson ·
writes great fits in my pocket perfectly
Mexx ·
Love it for it size. Fits perfect in the pocket and writes everywhere. You know it.
Res ·
Astonishingly good pen! Compact for and edc kit
Jonah ·
Gabriel Reyes ·
I gave Fisher Space Pens as christmas gifts to men, women and kids. They all loved it. Not only are they beautiful but they write anywhere and easy to carry! #EDC.
Paul Pearson ·
I love this pen, use it every day! I'll definitely be buying more! Great present the ones you love.
Bigjoe ·
Excellent pen and design, perfect for pocket carry not to mention it writes in all weather.
Chris Messer ·
Great pen, just get one.
Jeffrey Elliott ·
What more do I really need to say? It's an EDC standard.
Daniel Warpool ·
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