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As with anything, will start bulking up with the more items you put inside. The name "Pocket" organizer doesn't really fit for me. Maybe I should wear looser pants? haha. It is nice to have, but for me, I have to carry it, and it kinda looks dorky.
Carry's a multitude of EDC kit...
Flashlight, pen, multitool, notebook and some survival stuff
This is the perfect size pouch to carry in a backpack or glove box. I have mine jam packed with emergency items.
Fits in comfortably in cargo pants pockets
Great and well made, every review I see says, fits in my bag! :/
5/5. This is a great pouch. Holds a tone and has many options for organizing. I use it to organize the pocket of my backpack, and it's been great.
Nice size. Makes it easy to carry a simple, but larger item carry in one quick grab.
Just got this pouch for Christmas '14. Carries all my essentials neatly. Love being able to grab this pouch and go knowing that everything I need and typically carry with me is there.
perfect for carrying all the small misc things: key chain, knife, dime, flashlight, lip balm, pen, pad, especially when pocket space is limited.
I keep all the little items neatly packed in the Maxpedition Micro Pocket: Keys, knife, flashlight, lip balm, dime, pen and pad. Gives me the flexibility to keep all my small items consolidated when pocket space is limited.
Lumintop AAA flashlight, mini pry bar, Fisher Space pen, Victorinox Farmer Alox, ScrewPop, Wenger pocket knife, mini Sharpie, paracord 5.50
Just a small pocket organizer. It contains:
Bic lighter, with case
SanDisk USB thumb drive
Mini charge cable, microUSB and USB-C
Gerber zipper knife
Various keys
Various adapters
This is my personal survival kit. It deserves its own spread. I never leave my house without it, it has first aid items, an extra flashlight, hand sanitizer, and more. I've had it for three years or more and it's still taking abuse.
Holds my portable charger and keeps it from getting dirty and scratched.
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