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I have the "Zombie Green" one. Beware the color will rub off on your ID or card. It does work well. I have tried the Ridge Wallet and this is more suited to my needs. Its better if you don't change up your cards often. But it is easy to adjust. One thing I don't like is the carabiner hole. It does get in my way and I don't personally have any use for it.
MADE IN THE USA! Perfect wallet, RFID protection
Best wallet I've ever carried
Very durable, well made wallet. Besides cards and cash, I also keep my card multi-tool, bandages, and first aid pads in it.
Great durable wallet. Fits in the pocket well. Easy to access cards and cash. I have no complaints.
Amazing wallet!!
Best wallet I've ever owned!!
Best wallet I have ever owned!
Stainless Steel Version
The last wallet I will ever own. Awesome,minimalist,functional.
Love this wallet!
LOVE this thing!
Best wallet I've ever owned! It holds everything I need it to with room to spare, is all easily accessible, and it fits in both front and back pockets!
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