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A.K.A. Keffiyeh. I've got a whole collection of these from various countries (e.g., Palestine, Somalia, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen) in various sizes, weights, and colours. Incredibly versatile. Used for warmth, protection from sun, sand storms, snow blizzards, great for wrapping, bundling, emergency sling, tourniquet, splint and other first aid. Great for light weight sleeping alternative for pillow, blanket, towel or bed spread. Occasionally fashionable esp in hipster crowds.
Marcus G ·
A large shemagh. Can't go wrong with it. Stays in my backpack mostly, but has been a blanket for my daughter and myself, pillow, sun protection....... in the desert where I live, a must have.
Dave Canterbury ·
Everyone should carry one of these in their EDC, the most versatile garment you can possibly have as well as useful for personal hygene, first aid, and about a thousand other uses. Probably the only garment that has ever had a book dedicated to its usefulness
Taylor Harris ·
My buddy got this for me in Afghanistan.