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Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil Reviews (6 total)

my favorite mechanical pencil.
ive had this pencil for several years back when I took manual drafting courses. its a great pencil. feels great and I have had zero issues in the many years I have had it. the best part is the lead tube retracts. that means you don't get stabbed in the leg carrying it and the possibility of damaging the tube and rendering the pencil useless is virtually eliminated. I like this pencil so much I have 8 that I leave at home, office, backpack, pockets, shop and other places so I always have it in-case a design idea strikes me or I need to mark something.
I have a lot of mechanical pencils from all around the world, but this Office Depot find is my favorite. It has a metal eraser tube, which doesn't warp like plastic ones causing the eraser to disappear down inside. I mostly make mistakes, so I really need a usable eraser. Also, the lead sleeve is retractable, which is a nice touch.
I have the 0.5 mm one and I like it so much.
Love this little mechanical pencil. Its light and thin.
Great grips on this mechanical pencil.
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