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My number 1 for compact yet bright EDC light.
A great EDC light that works well in heavy usage scenarios, too.
I have the new Olight s2r baton.
Very bright. Great deep pocket clip.
The output this flashlight provides is impressive for its size.
I purchased this off the back of the positive reviews on this page. To those who contributed their opinions - thank you! This torch is amazing! I use it almost daily. The beam is bright, it's physically small, and the battery (rechargeable) runs a long time considering the size. I highly recommend.
Copper edition, which very attractive...
I lost my Zebralight in a taxi :(
Bright, lightweight, and attractive. Magnetic tail cap is also super handy.
Newest addition. Love the clip style. Bezel up is my preferred. Left pocket carry with box knife
Olight S2 Baton titanium version
Limited edition copper olight s2 baton.
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