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Jon M ·
It has since seen a few upgrades more worthy of your time, but I still carry this one for how reliable it is. It’s simple to operate, and has a magnetic tail cap so you could stick it on a metal surface to work hands-free. Takes an 18650 battery, so the output’s impressive.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Olight, no matter the model.
George ·
love the charging on this little guy
I like this flashlight a lot. It holds a charge well and has a good throw
George ·
good light, does turn on sometimes when in pocket but battery life is great, and got a spare charged in my go pack
George ·
getting used to this little guy
George ·
ok, dont love, still testing out
James Truong ·
A fantastic magnetic USB charged flashlight. Way too powerful for a medical exam on standard mode, and if you shine it on a human using turbo mode, someone’s getting hurt. But on lowlight mode, it’s a good examination flashlight and it’ll help you find your car safely after an evening shift goes late.
Andrew Hill ·
My number 1 for compact yet bright EDC light.
Ben Talbot ·
A great EDC light that works well in heavy usage scenarios, too.
Ethan ·
I have the new Olight s2r baton.
Mr. Myles ·
Very bright. Great deep pocket clip.
Ben Talbot ·
The output this flashlight provides is impressive for its size.
Ben ·
I purchased this off the back of the positive reviews on this page. To those who contributed their opinions - thank you! This torch is amazing! I use it almost daily. The beam is bright, it's physically small, and the battery (rechargeable) runs a long time considering the size. I highly recommend.
Chris K. ·
Copper edition, which very attractive...
Brad Hutchison ·
I lost my Zebralight in a taxi :(
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