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Very useful in keeping up with my keys and keeping them quiet.
Nice but I am seeing alarming amount of wear on the key posts.
Light and compact.
I love the concept, but there is a lot of room for improvement:
*Rubber washers wear down quickly, keys spin pretty freely
*My Car Key doesn't fold in - wish it did (don't mind the electronic dongle not being integrated). This was the only available option at the time.

Some Pro's: Price is reasonable compared to the KeyBar.

Otherwise, the KeySmart does it's job and has served its purpose. May explore the KeyBar or other similar products if there's a longer one that can handle my Car key.
Awesome, lightweight option for containing those loose random keys!
Excellent key organizer, small, compact, and easy to use.
Been rocking this for a while still love it.
I've shown this before....
Has been the best Key organizer I've used to date and I have tried a lot of them!
Modified with longer bolts from hardware store in order to widen the space to hold more keys
modified with a dremel to have a bottle opener in the frame of it
First purchase after I started to really get into edc over a year ago. Keeps keys contained and cuts down on wasted space in pockets.
One of the best key solutions.
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