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CRKT 9130 Viva Keychain Multi-Tool Reviews (10 total)

So far I like this tool, haven't used it much but just carry it on my belt loop and you don't even know it's there. It did fall off while I was working so I hope I don't loose it. A bit big for a keychain.
Great tool, replaced my Nite Ize Locking Carabiner and it hasn't failed me yet.
Love this tool use it many times in a week. From scrapping crud off things to opening panel boxes to prying it works great. Paired with a nite ize #1 it is a nice dangler for my rfid fob and mailbox key.
Basically a cheap useful little prytool.
Always carried in wallet
Small multi-tool with 250lbs carabiner
I love this little key hanger. I use the tool features more than I ever thought I would. When my original went missing, I had to get another!
Since i do not smoke (so i don't carry a lighter around) i need something to open up bottles and tighten the occasional screw. This very well designed (but a bit on the large side) tool works very well, I especially like the Blackwash finish.
CRKT VIVA Multi-Tool
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