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Bubba ·
had a small issue with this.Tried to contact Gerber a few times about it but they choose to ignore me.So I now ignore Gerber.
Ray John George ·
same here. I lost my tweezers in gerber dime. I asked them if they had. they chose not to reply.
Taylor R ·
I don't like how fast the finish started coming off.... other than that it's a great addition to a keyring
Greg ·
I kinda like how the finish comes off. Gives it that well-used look. 😊
Francisco Canales ·
Nice sturdy little tool. Fits perfectly in my keychain. It gets used everyday to open cans, beer, cut tape, clip coupons and a dozen functions more. Only downside is that black coating began to fade.
Charlie Parker ·
I have the Gerber dime on my Jeep keys. I have used every tool on it except the pliers I believe. I find it a handy size for carrying on the keys. Predominantly used to open packages, cut small strings from cloths and tighten up random small screws. The color does start to chip off fairly quickly.
Jack ·
it's this or the leatherman squirt ps4
Amewa L'awo ·
A handy little piece of kit. Comes in handy for handling smaller task.
Ponsho Sepulveda ·
perfect mini multitool
Scott Wicksted ·
This is so small it goes in any pocket. It is very well made and is very highly recommended for so many reasons. The knife is super sharp out of the package and the blister-pack opener is just awesome!
Josh ·
Great for small tasks, but pliers can bend on heavy tasks.
T Shrapnel-Carruthers ·
Great little tool.
Stuart ·
This mighty wee unit is far more substantial than it looks. I love its functions and it is small enough to to carry every day. But strong enough to use.
Tom Taylor ·
Light, small, reliable. With this nice clam shell cutter you didn't knew you needed badly!
Dan Post ·
This is the only multitool that I will carry on my person. I had a all black one a few months ago, but one of my friends busted it while using the pliers. (Used it for something that should have required much larger pliers). My mom bought me a new one in black/red, so this tool is back in my EDC. A much needed high-qualty tool for a low price!
Chris Valencia ·
I call this my "gateway EDC," my first piece of gear. Solid construction, good weight, the blades are sharp, the package opener is great as is the bottle opener. The gears were a bit tight, but I would rather have that than a knife opening in my pocket!
Jonathan ·
3/5 Uneven at best. Some of the tools are great (pliers, wire cutter, bottle opener, blade, package opener), some are absolutely useless (scissors, nail file).
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