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Gerber Dime Reviews

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Gerber Dime Reviews (76 total)

Eric Nicholson ·
I get lots of use from this tough little tool.
Nick Rhys ·
All you need for day to day use.
Luis Fernando Ramí ·
resharpened with ceramic stone
Tim Norris ·
The most compact and useful multitool bar none in my opinion.
Sarah Winkle ·
Best feature is the pliers. The little tools take some finesse to open, but I do like how all of them are on the outside of the unit.
Francisco Canales ·
Nice sturdy little tool. Fits perfectly in my keychain. It gets used everyday to open cans, beer, cut tape, clip coupons and a dozen functions more. Only downside is that black coating began to fade.
Francisco Canales ·
Gerber Dime
Javi Ruiz ·
Useful little multitool.
Samuel Santos ·
I've been carrying the Gerber dime for almost 4 years and still have never been unhappy to have it on the keychain. That thing was even lost and then found its way back to me weeks later.
Justin Villanueva ·
I always keep a multitool in hand for any just incase scenarios in the office or otw to work
Rokurota ·
I keep this in my fifth (coin) pocket.
Brandon Parker ·
Perfect size for every day carry.
Miguel Tibbit ·
Clip attached with 3M VHB
Abram ·
I've been carrying this every day for 3 years and use it for the variety of tasks. Mostly to open bottles as I'm a bit of a craft beer enthusiast. The coating has started to fade in some places but I love the way it looks.
Connor Whatcott ·
Super compact and portable
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