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I own the Boy Scout Black version of Tinker. I've had it for almost 30 years and it's both served me well and aged well. I have 3 SAKs, but this is the one that's always in my pocket.
Rhoarin ·
Great Victorinox build quality.
Slim, useful and iconic.
Luke VanDeWeert ·
The jack-of-all-trades Swiss Army Knife. Includes a Phillips head screwdriver, a combination flathead-screwdriver and bottle opener, two knives of varying lengths, scissors, a small can opener, reamer, toothpick, and tweezers. In other words, all the tools needed in everyday life.
Steven ·
In this EDC carry the tinker is also my multi tool.
Auggie ·
Somtimes you need a screwdriver, sometimes you need a toothpick, sometimes when you carry an auto you just need a non-threatening utility blade. This checks all the boxes and more.
Timothy Schmoll ·
Still reliable after 20+ years
SMKW exclusive Bigfoot Hide and seek champion edition
Tinker with remade knives scales
Christopher ·
Great little pocket knife I will use this as my food knife when I need a nice blade to just peal my apple out and about
Custom Swiss Bianco titanium scales
Paul Jnger ·
Modified with Dailycustoms Titanium scales and Brass cross Inlay
Jorge Oswaldo Garcí ·
Excelente herramienta ligera compacta y muy funcional; si solo pudiera tener una navaja de bolsillo escogería la tinker small siempre
Neil ·
My knife, Laughed at by some but these are fantastic tools. They can get you through most situations. If my Swiss army knife can't then i go for a dedicated tool. I used to carry a Leatherman but at .5 lbs it was always uncomfortable and i have found if my Swiss Army can't do the job then in most cases neither could a Leatherman. The pliers were great but i rarely used them on the Leatherman. There is a a lot of engineering in these little Victorinox tools and for IT work they are fantastic.
Bill Centers ·
I am old. Got my Vic.tinker years before edc. I carried that, pen, paper, cheap plastic FLASHLIGHT and a 357mag. No CCW by the way. Stupid kid but glad I was packing one night. A well placed shot into a car window will stop a robbery in most cases. That's all I have to say about that.