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Rickshaw PocketDojo Reviews

From Rickshaw
Features Waterproof
Material Stainless Steel
Style Minimalistic


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Rickshaw PocketDojo Reviews (8 total)

Kevin J Meyer ·
I use the PocketDoJo by Rickshaw Bags on a daily basis for a couple of weeks now and I really love it. I store three of my pens, two moleskines, a Kiridashi and emergency money, as well as some band-aids in there. 👍 04.16. I got rid of the PocketDoJo and replaced it with a leather field notes cover by Wishbone Goods.
John L Coulter ·
I like the looks of Rickshaws gear. Do you have any experience with Rickshaw messenger bags or other accessories?
Kevin J Meyer ·
No, I don't. I only own the PocketDoJo 👍
Old Oak ·
Finally found something to hold a pen and a notebook with room to spare.
Old Oak ·
This is a terrific product. Just got one to give as a birthday present and will order one for moi right away. Very well made and reasonably priced with multiple colour and style options. A perfect way to bring order to the disarray in a shirt or pants pocket.
Cody ·
Awesome little pocket organizer that fits in the back pocket of my pants! Sleeve for notes, pen, beard comb and pencil
Cody ·
Amazing product, well designed and durable as it gets! Perfect size, fits my notebook, pen and wallet all in one place.
zaus ·
Excellent pocket organizer, great for keeping things from falling out when you have loose pockets that open from the side (rather than the top like jeans), and can protect your phone enough from scratches to allow you to carry it and other things in the same pocket. Still somewhat on the fence about it, as everything in my pockets already clips to something else ;)