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Boker Plus Tech-Tool City 1 Reviews

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Londonpublican ·
I work in a very busy London pub and have been looking for a decent EDC for a while. I needed a knife that was truly useful, being that it was used without thought as a natural occurrence rather than forcing situations to become excuses to use it. I went through a fair few knives with varying success and learn a lot through the process. I started with a simple Victorianox Explorer that I had since my time in the ATC. I found it too bulky and also the blade to flimsy to do what I asked of it. The SOG Baton range with the knife/torch and pen/scissors proved to be fun toys for a while but both broke within 2 months and really were a bit unnecessary except for showing off. I then went with the Kershaw PUB which I actually found to be excellent for stock and cellar work. One handed operation made it very easy and quick to use and quite a few of my colleagues ended up buying one. But for the bar I needed something that looked more professional and had a more appropriate blade for shaping fruits and cutting things in front of customers. Then I came across the boker tech-tool line. What can I possibly say that hasn't been said in these previous reviews. An extremely practical and good looking blade that does everything is ask of it. From slicing fruits, cutting tape, straps, cardboard, beer lines and even trimming a swollen doorframe! Over 14 months it has been used heavily everyday and there is still no sign of major wear or loosening of the blade. The thick spine really gives me confidence in its reliability everytime I use it. Cannot recommend enough!