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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Reviews

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Reviews (24 total)

John B. ·
A little more responsive than the 6 plus. Overall, really good phone. Meets expectations.
Ramon ·
With apple tan leather case
Rudy ·
with Griffin Survivor case
Great camera
Mr Security ·
In an ultra thin hardshell case.
Edward F Ramirez ·
164GB because anything below that just doesnt cut it for me recently.
David ·
Apple "Berry" leather case
Shawn Mack ·
With OtterBox and Santa Clarity Diet
Fletcher Bonds ·
busy taking the picture (not shown)
Dan Mercer ·
Best iPhone ever owned. Steel on back is to attach to magnetic accessories I’ve made including dash mounts & tripod mounts
Matthew Mazzocchi ·
With red Dbrand Skin.
Left back pocket
Kahlil ·
Also keep a copy of my conceal CCW permit in the case. When I don't want to pocky phone and wallet at the same time I drop in my driver's permit and a credit card. Covers all the bases.
Jerry Lunardy ·
main phone/daily driver
Jerry Lunardy ·
Used to take this picture
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