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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Reviews (23 total)

A little more responsive than the 6 plus. Overall, really good phone. Meets expectations.
In an ultra thin hardshell case.
164GB because anything below that just doesnt cut it for me recently.
Apple "Berry" leather case
With OtterBox and Santa Clarity Diet
busy taking the picture (not shown)
Best iPhone ever owned. Steel on back is to attach to magnetic accessories I’ve made including dash mounts & tripod mounts
With red Dbrand Skin.
Left back pocket
Also keep a copy of my conceal CCW permit in the case. When I don't want to pocky phone and wallet at the same time I drop in my driver's permit and a credit card. Covers all the bases.
main phone/daily driver
Used to take this picture
Iphones are the best. Nothing else to say
That apple iPhone life
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