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Apple watch 42mm Series 2 Reviews

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Apple watch 42mm Series 2 Reviews (11 total)

Rog.r Schwab ·
My All-Day-Watch. Use it often for calls and with Siri (new ToDos, new messages, call somebody...). For my use, the Accu makes two days.
Doug W ·
Nato Strap from Amazon
Jeff D Bruenderman ·
Rugged Armor case
Kendos ·
with dBrand Apple Watch Crown Skins
Giuseppe ·
I have some nice watches, but I find the apps on the Apple watch really, really useful.
suskind ·
(on my wrist)
Yuriy ·
With custom made strap
Simon Lam ·
Works damn well when riding the BOOSTED BOARD >=D
Craig ·
With tempered glass screen and rubber case
DF Rietz ·
Much faster then the series 1, batter is also improved.