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Everyman Grafton Pen Reviews

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Everyman Grafton Pen Reviews (11 total)

I carry it most of the time. A great tool
Primary Pen
Best G2 refill compatible pen around, hands down.
solid pen that will probably last a lifetime
This pen has the perfect weight, diameter, and provides the best ease of use. I have other pens I like, but this pen, with a G2-5 refill, is by far my favorite.
Sorry to say I sent mine back. I expected better for the price. My usual gripe - made in China, and not very well made.
Just got mine yesterday in Gunmetal. Nice color, great feel. Solid, but not heavy. Best of all, it's a durable EDC pen that doesn't break the bank or look like a weapon!
Just got mine in silver and put a Fischer refill in. You have to swap out the springs -they give you a spacer and spring to use with a Fischer. Had to play with the Fischer plastic spacer to keep the end from being exposed.

Jury is out. I did email them upon receipt to see if they would send me a spare spring and aluminum spacer since they ar easily lost. Hopefully they will.
The one ding on this pen is the pen tip rides too close to the opening. With very little pressure on the plunger it exposes the pen tip. With a G2 ink cartridge that spells disaster for light trousers or shorts if you front pocket carry.
I have to push the plunger a good 3 or 4mm before my G2 refills tip peeks out.
First one I owned the clip threads stripped. They just sent me this one. Let's see how it lasts, but love the pen it other wise.