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Julian ·
Keychain flashlight that I carry by itself in my pocket. Very bright. I got the copper version so the patina is an added bonus.
Lassi Paasi ·
An exceptional everyday light with its two modes, tail switch, two way pocket clip, small size and yes, again, brass construction.
Devin Duncan ·
Handy to ride on my belt for work.
Andre Almeida ·
Best backup light. I know that if I run out of juice in the s2r Ill always have this little fella. Love the tail switch, it has a satisfying feel to it. Also my headlamp.
Sondre Wammeli ·
I use this flashlight every single day, to light my way to the bus in the dark mornings. Plus searching for stuff I under the bed, drawers and such.
Sondre Wammeli ·
A super compact flashlight. I use this thing every day for getting to the bus in the mornings.
Baba Yaga ·
It’s either this or Surefire Titian but I like the clip on olight I can attach to my hat! Wish Surefire would make clips or somebody make them
Mason ·
Great value for money.
Timothy Schmoll ·
Use it daily walking the pooch.
Mike ·
This light is a good choice for a small reliable light. Didn’t need a bigger light in this case of carrying it.
Mike ·
Love this little powerful light that can be handheld or clipped to a key ring!
This little light for being only 90 lumens is perfect for the coin pouch in the pants pocket or to clip on your key ring. Easy to grasp for quick late night trips. Good for around the house as well!
Raven ·
Got this light for free in a flash sale on plights website. Cost $5 shipping. Titanium bead on paracord for pulling out of pocket.
Kent Lieu ·
Great small flashlight for when I'm cleaning the kitchen. A lot of dark places and this helps cause I can attach it to my hat as well.
This is the dessert tan version that was given away as a promo several months ago. I've been impressed with it's performance. I used to carry the Rovyvon aurora, but having to plug in to recharge wasn't super helpful when I was out and about, hot swapping batteries is the way to go!
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