Bic Mini Lighter

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When all else fails get tourself a bic to carry
Iconic, reliable, easy to carry and affordable.
Small and usefull
Stainless steel sleeve wrapped in hemp wick
eazy to carry lighter and budget friendly
Had this cover made from Tuareg artisan when we lived in the Sahara. Refills are Bic Mini Lighters.
Love this little lighter, even though I don’t smoke:) and the duct tape is always very handy.
Wrapped with cordage.
Don't smoke but it's good to have.
Obtained at Convenience Store Nearby
I don't smoke, It's merely for paracord and other practical applications.
I added a narrow piece of webbing and a split ring held on with gaffers tape. Also a mini zip tie to keep the gas in. Hangs upside down.
Keychain item #2. Hangs from a bottom split ring attached with narrow webbing and gaffers tape. Also has a mini ziptie to keep the lever up.
I hang the lighter upside down using a length of cord, gaffers tape and a split ring. Also used a small zip tie to keep the gas inside.
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