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@Johan Bylander I too ordered one - in September. Seven week lead time, right? Right. Didn't receive anything and absolute zero communication...despite my having attempted twice via email, three times via Instagram [including where he deleted my post simply inquiring]. I bought one previously as well as a keychain version. He was prompt on email response and in getting product to me. I have NO IDEA what's happened to this guy, but he is evidently not communicating with anyone. Check out his 'current' Kickstarter page for his "Fric Bric": https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vosofferyn/vosofferyn-fricbric-friction-folding-blade-bottle/comments. More than a few people are talking about 'junkie' behavior. I have no idea, but I'm getting seriously close to challenging the charge with my credit card co. You?
No response........
Bird of Pry mk2 nailpuller/200$ paid in full in July (7 weeks leadtime), order nr #UQPB-4xxxx6 (left out 4). Been trying to Contact Vosofferyn via DM on IG and today on the shopmessagebox. Does anyone have a clue?
Still waiting for my Raptor, ordered in December 2017 and still waiting Aug 2018, his buddy Paulo did respond saying Robert is ploughing through, but I don’t know if that was just to keep me happy, hope not, still hanging out, but yes, no response from Robert via IG or Big Cartel, sad doesn’t even describe how I’m feeling at the moment
If you haven't done so yet, dispute the charge. The guy is a scammer. Check out all the pictures on his kickstarter. He took the money and spent it all on a nice office and traveling.
The bank told me that after 60 days they are unable to help and that I must take it up with the owner. In future I will be weary of any Kickstarter campaigns, as they seemed deaf to my complaints also.
DONE! Keep calling (them) out!
Design, Nice work and so on. But when you disregard your Patrons, delete IG comments, no reply at your Store. Thing's seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeems F.......uped!
Been asking for REFUND! No reply yet. Hanging them out to dry now! #SICKANDTIREDOFVOSOFFERYN all in all the way, Rangerstyle! Never give In since I'm a X Ranger! Now I'm unhappy.😡
I’m the same. Countless DMs ignored, including emails to his site. Nothing. I’ve even complained about his non-existent customer service. I have already contacted the bank since it’s been nearly 4 months. Tired of waiting. I did notice that he changed the Bird of Prey MKII to sold out, so there must be some forward momentum but if I get a chance to get a refund I will. This is not worth the trouble. I’m also ex US Army and I will never give up!
Insane cool! I would pay that amount just to have it and look at it.
Yeah, it's $200 on their website, which is more than the biggest and most expensive Leatherman or Gerber multitool available! I wouldn't bother
Anyone have any words on this piece?
it is machined very nicely. the tool can fit in your pocket but is strong enough to be a practical pry tool.

on the website it is like $200, which i do not think a solid piece of A2 tool steel should cost. I was lucky enough to find a used one on ebay for much cheaper.
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