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Richard L Johnson ·
This is a great double action dagger blade off. Mine is Mohler M390 steel.
Justin Hinton ·
Love this knife. I've had it for 3 years and zero issues. Best bang for my buck!
Agree 100%
Sjsj ·
Every man know this beauty :)
Charlie Mike ·
OTF everyday use knife.
Dawson ·
Such a fun and tough knife, great to own
Aram Riley ·
This is one of my favorite knives. It’s always dependable, the action of the firing spring is excellent and the cool factor of this knife starts conversations everywhere I use it. Can’t beat a microtech otf.
Baba Yaga ·
blacked out everything!
Jordan McDuff ·
I engraved it last year with my name. Not the best job but I love it. I use it everyday!
Jordan McDuff ·
Best Knife I have ever purchased and I use it 10-20 times a day as an electrician.
Austin McBride ·
Solid knife. Doesn’t get much better than a hellhound as far as looks, functionality, and fidget factor.
Tim ·
My microtech is my everyday knife does not leave my pocket
Rob Amsler ·
this is the model UDT70
Ja'Neil ·
Bounty Hunter edition
Phil Chesnut ·
Double sider, great knife.
This is my favorite EDC OTF knife --hands-down! It's sharp right of out the box. It's small enough to throw in the pocket of my jeans, pants or even gym shorts. However, if you sharpen it, it will void the lifetime warranty
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