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Butterfly08 ·
If you have a micro stream and want something that packs a bit more of a punch, this is a great upgrade. with 3 levels of powers and an sos feature and rechargeable batteries, it is a great upgrade and or great first step into an EDC carry.
Charles Buchwald ·
Really well made, easy to operate and charge, versatile clip, super bright when needed, long lasting charge... and a very easy to carry size. What's not to like? Living in the North, I use it every day for half the year. This is a great light.
Alex Strange ·
The most heard reaction is “damn that thing is bright”
Ian Docherty ·
Portable, powerful and always ready. Love this little flashlight. Easy to carry and plenty of light.
Mika ·
2+ years in use , reliable , good output
Mika ·
Had it on me for 3 years ,works great , fits in the pocket. good output.
Ponsho Sepulveda ·
I think this is the most powerful flashlight for everyday carry, size is very very small!
Keegan Bedeker ·
Olight S1R Baton 2.
Tim Norris ·
So convenient for checking under the sofa for the TV remote!
Domingos ·
Love this little flashlight; put to 900 lumens.
Compact. Easy. Powerfull.
Easy to charge.
Comes in handy everyday.
Jose Mz ·
Best flashlight i’ve owned.
Darren ·
Amazing little flashlight with magnetic base.
The brightest light in its size, affordable, nice interface, and the magnetic tailcap gets used more than you think. Everyone should have one
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