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One of the best $159 I have ever spent. Literally nothing compares to the convenience, whether you are an Apple fan or not.
Best headphones ever, easy to operate and a simple design.
Very convenient I love them
It’s magic how they work, the sound quality is mediocre though.
these have replaced having to use a separate bluetooth earpiece for driving.
The nomad case is outstanding and matching my Nomad Apple Watch strap and phone case
AirPods with a protective wireless charging case
Great battery life
Business and Gym
Apple AirPods with Nomad Horween leather case
Love them. Also with a pretty Owl case from ebay ;)
In a red silicone case cover.
Fancy, however extremely functional as chords seem to get in the way on traditional headphones.
Best wireless headphones on the market. Very convenient and extremely hands free.
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