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One of the best $159 I have ever spent. Literally nothing compares to the convenience, whether you are an Apple fan or not.
Best headphones ever, easy to operate and a simple design.
Great for listen to music to keep me focus on my work.
With no-name-brand silicone dropcase
In a catalyst GITD case
Rocking the 2nd Gen AirPods with the Black Metallic Case from Incase!
With the catalyst silicone case.
Seems like everyone is using it.
My favorite so far
A must for talking on the phone and staying moving especially around the city.
They don't make these anymore
In a Nike/off white clear case
These have changed the game for me. Calling and listening to music/podcast leaves me hands free, whilst still able to remain productive as I am ‘hands free’. Game. Changed. When I found a handmade leather case for them as well which matched my wallet perfectly, I couldn’t resist.
Very convenient I love them
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