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Apple AirPods Reviews (80 total)

One of the best $159 I have ever spent. Literally nothing compares to the convenience, whether you are an Apple fan or not.
Best headphones ever, easy to operate and a simple design.
Niko Huupponen ·
Mostly I use these when I'm walking somewhere or waiting something, like bus or train.
Kurt Knopp ·
With silicone GITD case
Terra Kestrel ·
YAE: "You Are Enough"
Niko Huupponen ·
The iphone needs these
Aram Riley ·
Can’t leave home without headphones so I can watch edc videos on the fly and the AirPods integrate seamlessly with my Apple iPhone 12 Pro that took this photo.
Use them all the time… Celly case
Genzo Midsuno ·
for business
Nicholas Christiansen ·
Native Union leather case
Paul C. Aouss ·
Ian Docherty ·
Couldn’t go anywhere without these.
That’s that.
Aaron Jones ·
Wouldn’t buy again...could have had way better for less.
Oscar Rodriguez ·
Seen here with Capsule leather case by Andar
Tad Hagner ·
Gen 1 AirPods. They work. Decent sound quality but the case is slippery.
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