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zaus ·
Had the original Compact version which was excellent, but got the Rugged for it's integrated pocket-clip -- thought about a dangler but realized the keys would hang too low in my pocket.
James R. ·
Now that I live where I don't need a car, I can get a key organizer. It's pretty trendy to have a Keysmart, but I like how slim it is compared to some of the others I've seen and messed around with.
I've been enjoying this to contain my keys and now that I've turned it into a mini EDC tool I'm really loving it even more!
I’ve had mine for several months now. So far it has worn well. I like the clip. I only loaded the bottle opener to balance out an odd number of keys. Loading and reloading keys is pretty easy, though you do need a flat surface to work on. It did take a few minutes fiddling with the spacers and key configuration to get the 2 plate parallel. The screws stay tight.
I like this thing a lot and can’t imagine switching to anything else in the foreseeable future.
HaZr Afisz ·
The best key organizer I ever had that you can even put large size key like the Chubb key!
HaZr Afisz ·
The best key organizer I ever had that you can even put large size key like the Chubb key!
Phil D ·
The oldest piece of my edc... Still get compliments to this day... 😁
bourbon n brisket ·
Titanium KeySmart Rugged series with pocket clip and generic “S” carabiner; removed the bottle opener for more key space... and besides, that’s what my multitool is for.
Dimitris Dimitrakakis ·
Keysmart Rugged Titanium with Klecker Knives Griffin tool and Bit Kit
Kent Lieu ·
Hate hearing my keys jingle, this organizer prevents that's.
Dan Holloran ·
Product Link: https://www.getkeysmart.com/products/keysmart_rugged
Chuck Miller ·
This is the only Keysmart model that comes with a pocket clip, which I use as a belt clip.
Took a min to set up but once you configure it to your liking it workes great. I replace the original stainless steel screws for longer ones from my local hardwear store to compensate for all my keys and usb flash drive
Keysmart rugged with deep carry clip by keysmart. Love it keep me organized
Gray Sipe ·