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HaZr Afisz ·
The best key organizer I ever had that you can even put large size key like the Chubb key!
wow housekeys
Gray Sipe ·
Keysmart rugged with deep carry clip by keysmart. Love it keep me organized
Took a min to set up but once you configure it to your liking it workes great. I replace the original stainless steel screws for longer ones from my local hardwear store to compensate for all my keys and usb flash drive
Chuck Miller ·
This is the only Keysmart model that comes with a pocket clip, which I use as a belt clip.
Dan Holloran ·
Product Link: https://www.getkeysmart.com/products/keysmart_rugged
Kent Lieu ·
Hate hearing my keys jingle, this organizer prevents that's.
Dimitris Dimitrakakis ·
Keysmart Rugged Titanium with Klecker Knives Griffin tool and Bit Kit
bourbon n brisket ·
Titanium KeySmart Rugged series with pocket clip and generic “S” carabiner; removed the bottle opener for more key space... and besides, that’s what my multitool is for.
Phil D ·
The oldest piece of my edc... Still get compliments to this day... 😁
HaZr Afisz ·
The best key organizer I ever had that you can even put large size key like the Chubb key!
I’ve had mine for several months now. So far it has worn well. I like the clip. I only loaded the bottle opener to balance out an odd number of keys. Loading and reloading keys is pretty easy, though you do need a flat surface to work on. It did take a few minutes fiddling with the spacers and key configuration to get the 2 plate parallel. The screws stay tight.
I like this thing a lot and can’t imagine switching to anything else in the foreseeable future.
I've been enjoying this to contain my keys and now that I've turned it into a mini EDC tool I'm really loving it even more!
James R. ·
Now that I live where I don't need a car, I can get a key organizer. It's pretty trendy to have a Keysmart, but I like how slim it is compared to some of the others I've seen and messed around with.