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Paracord Survival Bracelet Reviews

From The Friendly Swede


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Paracord Survival Bracelet Reviews (8 total)

Lukas Trickster ·
Contains whistle, firestarter, and compass
Jonny ·
This one has a bottle opener, whistle, & flint/steel.
Daniel Barnard ·
Home made 330lb cobra weave bracelet.
David Williams ·
A paracord survival bracelet is a good way to be identified as part of the everyday carry family. This one has a built in whistle in case needed for emergency.
Sudoscientist ·
DIY Military Survival Paracord
Patrizio Corneli ·
A handmade paracord bracelet
Vincent ·
Paracord bracelet with compass, scrapper and firestarter.
Leon Bouknight ·
Has Diabetic info.