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Yellow Birch Outfitters PocKit EDC pocket organizer Reviews

From Yellow Birch Outfitters

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Yellow Birch Outfitters PocKit EDC pocket organizer Reviews (9 total)

Michael Robbins ·
Got this because of this site, I think I may want the bigger one-- got some maxpedition pouches, but there's something about these awesome Yellow Birch products that speak to me!
Robert Olofsson ·
Back upp knife
BoagriusBama ·
I can't say enouch about this thing. I keep debit/credit cards, cash, airpods, chapstick, knife, pens, flashlight and notebook all in this one thing and it isn't uncomfortable to carry! Everybody needs one of these.
Sketchscape ·
Fits all my items in one central location
Michael Robbins ·
I got it bad, I have 4 of various versions and just ordered their new pico mod carry, love their products, sooo hooked. This is my "light" edc, plus a knife, carrying my ZT knife today--- carbon fiber handle, what a great knife for under $200!
Greg ·
I have the PocKit Pro: Modern Carry version. It features an extra pocket on the top which is perfect for a notepad. I absolutely love it!
Hiroyuki Kurata ·
Lone Wolf Tighe Knife, Hindered Investigator pen, MCM tac pen. bank token card and thumb memoru on the back pocket
PocKit in Custom extra large size
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