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I've seen a lot of credit card sized tools, and used a bunch of them. This one is by far the most useful. The design is well thought out and precise. The workmanship is beautiful. Similar designs with cutting edges or saws are impractical for carrying in a pocket without some kind of protective sheath, which defeats the purpose, in my opinion. What I really like is that each tool is actually useful on this; the bottle opener is quick and simple, the can opener really works, the screwdrivers and wrenches and rulers are positioned in useful places with a shape that works for applying some torque. This is one of 2 tools that live in my wallet... The rest stay home!
Definitely the best credit-card-sized tool out there. High quality, and just the right selection of tools. TSA safe. Nothing sharp to damage wallet or pocket. Heavy-duty enough to be truly useful, but light enough to carry easily.