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Orbitkey Reviews (22 total)

Rory Benedict ·
Keeps my keys compact and separate from my car key.
Chad Mummert ·
I've tested a half dozen other options, Orbitkey is the best one.
German Roberto Gonzalez ·
Also has an Orbitkey multitool
sacredarray ·
Black on black.
Kevin J Meyer ·
Develops a nice patina over time.
Bernard Cote ·
With Orbitkey multi tool
Luis Rivera ·
Amazing product! This Nest organizer from Orbitkey is top notch. I carry my edc nicely and also has a wireless charger on top of the case itself!
Jan Morvek ·
Black leather. Minimalist And good
Dustin ·
Does alright, kinda pricey.
Tony ·
Orbitkey in Brown
Chris Green ·
This is a special edition colour of the Orbitkey 2.0 Active that was exclusive to Kickstarter backers. I use this one purely for keyfob-size loyalty cards, to avoid cluttering my wallet.
Brendan Suen ·
Swiss army knife of keys. No more jingling in pockets
Dan Vargas ·
Orbitkey x EveryDayCarry
Newest version of the Orbitkey which I feel is an improvement over the original version.
Beautiful build quality, super smooth and compact.
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