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I bought an Astrolux K1, did not like it much (the controls are confusing) and in addition, BangGood did not send me the CRI version (with the more natural yellow light emanating from a Nichia driver). Now I have ordered this and I am waiting to get it!
Very bright and so small and carrys easy
The Nitecore TIP2017 (be sure the model name includes "2017", otherwise you get the earlier model without the plastic multi-purpose clip - a >major< improvement) is the best keychain light around. Easily pocketable, very bright, and USB rechargeable. The clip covers the USB port (keeping it free of pocket lint, etc.), protects the on/off switch from accidental activation (a real problem with the earlier model), and allows the light to be clipped to a hat (very useful). I've also discovered that the clip does not have to be removed to operate on/off switch - just press the clip firmly over the switch.
In black. Impressive performance
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