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Less expensive than an expensive pen, more substantial than a pen of no consequence. Been a favorite of mine since I stole my father's as a grade schooler.
W/ Space pen refill.
Loaded with a Fisher ink cartridge, the pen is mighty!
Vintage parker, Loaded with a Schmidt p900 refill, this pen is from the 70's when parker still made them in the states. It doesn't have a top clicker button. The whole top pushes down.
Small, sleek, classic and featured in a James Bond film. Great pen.
What can I say it's a Parker jotter timeless design and just works also has a satisfying click.
The Parker Jotter is just timeless and universally classy. It's a little thinner than what I'd like, but I still love how it writes.
Fisher space pen refill
Very nice everyday pen. Had for 1 year.
A solid mainstay in my carry.
Stainless steel ballpoint. As elegant as it is functional
Good construction for a reasonable price. Fit and finish is what you'd expect for the amount you're paying. Writes well and I personally like the audible click when using it.
Jotter pen from Parker with black gel ink inset.
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