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The most reliable light I've ever used. Works well as a "reflector" on foggy days. clipped to my shirt or belt and on moonlight mode or low. Neutral white, magnetic tail cap and front facing style make it the most practical light out there.
Amazing flood on this light, easy to recharge, extremely reliable. This light has been dropped and rained on countless times on the job site. The lantern style on a magnetic base is truly a gift from the heavens.
The H1R Nova is the brighter and rechargeable version of the popular H1 Nova. Using a highly efficient CREE XM-L2 LED and TIR bead lens, the brightness covers a range of 2-600 lumens. With the included pocket clip and head strap, the rechargeable H1R Nova can be used as a standard pocket light or headlamp making this one of the most practical and useful flashlights in the illumination industry.
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