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My absolute favorite knife in my collection. Reliable, durable, and ergonomic. Great Spyderco.
S110 sprint run bought at the factory
Sprint run para 3 with carbon fiber scales, 52100 blade steel, and a Lynch Northwest Deep Carry Titanium Pocket Clip
My newest EDC knife and my absolute favourite!
Cuscadi Micarta grey/black scales, MXGgear Titanium clip, CombatBeads Titanium/Copper
This particular Para 3 has carbon fiber scales and 52100 Steel. I also opted for the deep carry pocket clip made by Casey Lynch. Light weight and an all around great pocket knife. Made in Colorado, USA.
Custom plaquettes titanes flytanium
Bladeswelove Edition - Titanium Scales, Blacked out blade and hardware
must have...and spyderco blades come razor sharp every time
American Built goodness
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