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larn yamin ·
best 58mm for edc
Darath ·
Scissors are nice, especially that Rebar doesn't have them.
Bottle opener works fine, razorsharp blade is helpful and nail file is nice to have.
I love this little pocket sak. I don't use it that much, maybe once or twice a day. But when I don't carry it with me I feel naked 😉. Just changed the scales to bright green ones. (ordered some 58mm scales intended for the classic sd)
Keith P ·
The extra Phillips/bottle opener blade really adds a lot of usefullness without adding bulk
Doggo ·
I got these long ago, changed the scales to black.
Ryan ·
The most tools at the smallest size. Great little pocket tool.
Daniel Ferrer ·
Titanium custom version by @davizblack in IG
Andreas Gustavsen ·
In my right pant pocket.
CampDiplIng ·
old, updated to blue sapphire scales
Love this little thing. Comes in so handy with the Philips screwdriver.
Justin Shenton ·
The best of the small SAKs, as it has both flat and phillips screwdrivers
Atte Peltomaki ·
Got as a gift