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This is the Spigen Case for my phone which was used to take the picture.
The phone I took the picture with
With Otterbox Case.
Exponentially better than all its predecessors. Will use this for many years.
Great phone. I enjoy it very much. Great battery life and a very sleek design. Takes amazing pictures and video, however, the autofocus is very problematic and to get decent shots most the time you either need to tweak in pro mode which is not my style at all, or use selective focus then edit the photo to your selected focus (I use pan 99% of the time). Overall, The best phone I have had since an iPhone 5s. I got mine for $600, which was about $200 cheaper than list price. If Apple was not so overpriced I would have gone with them. I just enjoy Android and it's many options. I think most people who would complain about battery life have no business with android though. You really need to go through EVERYTHING! A couple times over. Still, the best phone I have had in years and I highly recommend it.
Samsung S8 with Otterbox defender.
This is just the case because I'm using the phone for the camera. The case is a Spigen tough armor with kickstand.
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